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Fall Water Polo Registration is Open!

Hello All Poloists!

We are happy to announce our FALL Water Polo program for ALL AGE GROUPS. 

10U/12U/14U Athletes REGISTER HERE! 


Class of 2021!

SFWPC Pipeline to college water polo

Class of 2021

Brown University
Siena Berry - Archie Williams

Cole Kendrick - St. Ignatius (1)
Jack Ryan - St. Ignatius (1)

United States Naval Academy
Tommy McKnew - Redwood

University of California - Berkeley
Sofia Hamner - Tamalpais

University of California - San Diego
Abby Moll - Tamalpais 
Sasha Frey - Archie Williams
Conner Stauffer - Tamalpais
Nikita Valajev - Tamalpais

University of Redlands
Ron Gvishi - Marin Academy 

University of Southern California
Cece Paine - St. Ignatius
Sally McCarthy - St. Ignatius

University of the Pacific 
Lucia Sarimsakci - St. Ignatius 
Patrick Wooler - St. Ignatius 

Class of 2020

Penn State Behrend
Holden Cooper - Redwood

Santa Clara University
Billy Barry - St. Ignatius

Stanford University
Sam Sternfels - Tamalpais 

Class of 2019

Bucknell University
Colby Paine - St. Ignatius

United States Naval Academy
Connor Simpson - St. Ignatius

University of California - Davis
Paul Gouchon - St. Ignatius

University of Southern California
Payne Fama - St. Ignatius

University of the Pacific 
Gianluca Caltigrone - St. Ignatius

Wagner College
Ben Zovickian - St. Ignatius

Class of 2018

University of Southern California
Alexander Lansill - St. Ignatius  (1)

14U Boys @ Bondi Icebergs

Leg Day in the Adriatic

SFWPC in Croatia